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Mastery Support for New Maths Leaders: 2nd Nov 2018 – £100

The essential idea behind ‘mastery’ is that all children need a deep understanding of the mathematics they are learning so that there is no need for separate catch-up programmes due to some children falling behind. However, introducing teaching for mastery can sometimes involve changing many significant aspects of a school’s current teaching approach. Using the NCETM 5 principles of mastery as a model, these sessions will explore the key aspects of teaching for mastery alongside how to create meaningful and manageable action plans to make successful whole school changes. Participants will need to complete a pre-task to analyse their current teaching for mastery journey and complete a gap task between the two sessions.


Relevant for: New or inexperienced Maths Leaders

Commitment: 2 full days

Venue: Halterworth Primary School

Cost: £50 per delegate per day (including lunch)


Date Time
Friday 2nd December 9.15am – 4.00pm
Monday 3rd December 9.15am – 4.00pm






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