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RQT Programme: 2nd October 2018 – £250

This programme is aimed at teachers in the second or third year of their teaching career or those returning after a break.  In order to strengthen and improve teacher career progression it is essential to ensure that CPD in the second and third years builds on the NQT year.


Cost:  £250 per participant or £400 for two members of staff.


Date Session Time Venue
2nd October 2018 Guest speaker Lorraine Lee on well-being, stress management and teacher workload 1.00 – 4.00pm Halterworth Primary
31st October 2018 Challenge and Engagement (ITP) 1.00 – 4.00pm Halterworth Primary
7th November 2018 Starters, plenaries and developing success criteria (ITP) 1.00 -4.00pm Halterworth Primary
28th November 2018 Exploring assessment (ITP) 1.00 -4.00pm Halterworth Primary
9th January 2019 Effective questioning (ITP) 1.00 -4.00pm Halterworth Primary
30th January 2019 Understanding differentiation (ITP) 1.00 – 4.00pm Halterworth Primary
27th February 2019 Your career – where next?  what aspirations do you have? Optional sessions dependent on need

Celebration of achievements

1.00 – 4.00pm Halterworth Primary


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‘ The programme made me think about every lesson in a slightly different way’.

‘We believe the impact of the programme has been hugely significant in raising the standard of teaching and learning within our school’.


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